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Revival Records was set up over a quarter of a century ago (!) in 1998 to digitise and restore old vinyl to lossless, digital formats.  This was before everybody could easily do it themselves, and of course before the vinyl revolution that I like to think we played a very small part in fuelling through our then early social media, our #CarBootVinyl hashtag and our reviews.

We digitised thousands of records – from single albums and self recorded ‘booth records’, to entire collections, including one of the most important Jazz vinyl collections in the country. We stood out by not only digitising, restoring and cleaning the sound, but creating album art and jewel cases. As well as submitting to online databases such as Gracenote for easy iTunes import. The full service!

Nowadays, of course, everybody can do this easily themselves. Granted, with mixed results, but there are cheap and easy methods to record directly to USB drives if that is all you need.

Revival Records today, or Revival Records & HiFi Limited to give us our full title, is a review site, a blog, an online record shop and vintage HiFi repairer and reseller. We are actively looking for a physical site, and are starting to slowly build up stock. We have started selling tentatively on Discogs and the inventory on this site reflects the Discogs listings too.

T-shirts and other merch are planned – coming soon!

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