The LDVs – Video It!

Followers of Revival Records over on mastodon or various other social media sites will have seen me mention this obscure oddity before.

It was found in a box of 7-inch singles from an old record shop close down, in the days when they were closing down and not opening up like today! It looks, to me, handmade or at least home produced, and is possible a promo single for something? It could just be a vanity project or a bunch of kids having a laugh and self-recording for fun.

The ‘label’ is Idiot Records but not sure that means anything concrete.

I have/had it pinned to my profile for a while now in the hope somebody will eventually come across it and have an aha! moment. Last night, somebody requested the audio to see if it rang any bells, and it reminded me that I did record it and clean it up a bit many years ago – luckily I found it easily this morning as I’d also imported it into iTunes back then.

So here it is in all its glory. It’s been years now so I’m not expecting anybody to suddenly recognise it, but if anybody does know, or remembers a time when they were young, foolish and in a daft band called The LDV’s, then please do let me know!

The LDVs – Video It!

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